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Core enterprise ideas:


We always persist in "Four highs" (high technology, high quality, high starting point, and high caliber), "Four new" (new brand, new culture, new strength, and new image), and "Four development" (standardization, institutionalization, specialization, and refinement). Furthermore, we follow the spirit of "Five attention" (dedication, concentration, carefulness, sincerity, and care).

Our management standard of "Four highs, four development, and four new” is used to improve quality and efficiency by following our working principle and our practice objective of “Five attention.



High technology:Stand at the technological frontier, and create social values.

High quality: Pursue development with quality, and seek benefits from quality.

High starting point: Build new visions, and position new objectives.

High caliber: Understand, undertake and perform responsibilities from all aspect.



New brand: High quality, exploration spirit, cool & trendy, and sustainable development.

New culture: Integrity, dedication, innovation, and win-win.

New strength: Mechanism innovation, management innovation, and technology innovation.

New image: Gather powers, and create prosperity.


Standardization:Control all processes, and produce high-quality products.

Institutionalization: Strictly perform lean management, regulate scientific management, and build full management.

Specialization: Technology and talents are sources of “Specialized, refinement, differential and innovation”.

Refinement: Do small things in details, and do fine things precisely.



Dedication: Provide sympathetic service with our sincere mind.

Concentration: Provide tailored service, and take special measures for special things.

Carefulness: Provide customer-oriented service with our warm and considerate heart.

Sincerity: Provide all-round service, and follow all service process.

Care: All urgent, difficult and trivial issues are kept in our minds.